About Green Store India

Mfrs, Suppliers & Traders of Biodegradable and Compostable Products, Shopping Bags, Carry Bags, Garbage Bags, Bin liners, Industrial Packaging, Cutlery, Garment packaging, Apparel Bags, Paper Cups, Saili & Palash Leaf Plates, Areca Plates & other Eco Friendly Products

Our success and company history.

About Green Store India

Green Store is one of India’s pioneering e-commerce company dealing with environmental friendly packaging items, started in 2016 by environmental enthusiasts and contending in this fierce market marvelously by the in-depth business dexterity.

By the support of our experienced team, we are engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling and trading of a-la-carte of quality environmentally-friendly products ranging from catering disposables to packaging solutions at competitive prices. All our products are made from modified corn starch, sugar cane(bagasse) and other biodegradable & compostable raw materials. We are continuously developing new forms of nature friendly products and are actively involved in evaluating new materials, and new manufacturing processes.

150 Products
100% Certified Products
100% Compostable

Join our Mission to Save Environment

Product Mission – To increase the knowledge and availability of existing compostable & biodegradable products, and to introduce new such products into the marketplace.

Environmental Mission – To consider the environmental impacts of all of our activities and choose the option that maximizes the health of the environment.

Economic Mission – To provide good-quality products at a fair price while supporting the people and institutions in our community.